At Finance House Group we’re committed to helping accountants meet the financing needs of your clients.

In this series, we’ll highlight some of the interesting and exciting finance deals that set us apart and demonstrate why accountants are putting their faith in an in-house financing company supported by Finance House Group.

Your unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of their situations, coupled with our knowledge of the lending industry, and the relationships we’ve developed within it, mean we’re able to serve borrowers with the best possible scenario for them.

This week’s deal was put together by Lachlan Spence. Lachlan was approached by a truck driver in Western Australia for a home loan health check and ended up slashing the client’s monthly repayment by 50 percent!

“This client’s loans had a bit of a messy structure, and he hadn’t used his debt and equity positions to the highest efficiency,” Lachlan explained.

“We find clients set and forget their loans, and in the blink of an eye you can be five years down the line. So, all we did was a quick home loan health check, where we found the opportunity. We talked the client through it, and what the process would be, and what the end benefit would be.”

Finance House Group is not a bank. Because of that, Finance House Group brokers are able to find the best possible products to service the client.

The new structure redistributed the loans on several properties, which resulted in an improvement to the client’s loan-to-value ratio. That opened up a raft of lending products that are available to high-quality credit applicants.

“This moved the monthly payment from just over $4,000 to just over $2,000, saving him about $1,900 a month. Obviously the client is now delighted,” Lachlan explained.

Over 80 percent of Australians don’t know what interest rate they’re paying on their loan. That alone could be costing the average Aussie hundred of dollars on their mortgage every month, and thousands over the course of their loan. If clients have more than one property, or business and personal loans that aren’t efficiently structured, they could be losing money in interest and even in tax.

A home loan health check can help identify efficiencies that can save your clients money.

To find out Finance House Group can help you serve your clients and grow your practice with its own, in-house financing arm, contact us today.