At Finance House Group we’re committed to helping accountants meet the financing needs of your clients.

In this series, we’ll highlight some of the interesting and exciting finance deals that set us apart and demonstrate why accountants are putting their faith in an in-house financing company supported by Finance House Group.

Your unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of their situations, coupled with our knowledge of the lending industry, and the relationships we’ve developed within it, mean we’re able to serve borrowers with the best possible scenario for them.

This week’s deal was put together by Lee Davidson. Lee was approached by a professional in the Australian armed forces who was having a hard time getting credit for his length of service from his existing bank. He was paying a slightly higher interest rate than average, and Lee recognized quickly that there was a great way to save the client some money.

“We, being Finance House Group, have our own lending license,” Lee explained. “And on that license we have some extra lenders above and beyond those we have through our aggregator.

“This deal is a great example of why we have those lenders. Because of the 50+ lenders we have access to, there is only one that uses DOHAS discounts.

“That’s the discount the government pays on top of the length of service award for military professionals. So it was a natural fit for this client to refinance through the military bank. It was by and away the cheapest rate, and the best service, for the client”.

Every deal that comes to the team at Finance House Group is put through a triage and analysis regime the company calls the “Centre of Excellence”. It’s that initial preparation and planning meeting that often leads to important insights into the client’s financial situation, and where innovative solutions come to light.

In this instance, Lee was able to connect the lender’s professional career with information he knew from managing the accreditation with the military bank, and his understanding of the DOHAS program. From there, it was a quick and easy process to put this client’s deal to the new lender, and save them a large chunk off their monthly repayment.

Many Australians are unaware of their interest rates, and most don’t regularly assess their financing products to make sure they’re getting the best rate. If clients have more than one property, or business and personal loans that aren’t efficiently structured, they could be losing money in interest and even in tax.

A home loan health check can help identify efficiencies that can save your clients money.

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