Residential Loans

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions many people will make in life. It can be exciting and daunting at the same time. We’re here to arm home buyers with the right information and help them to make an informed decision.

With a panel of over 50 lenders, we provide a range of options and can save clients the hassle of going to multiple lenders to get a good deal. We will help to secure the best loan for every property purchase.

We can provide property loans for:
  • First home buyers
  • Owner-occupiers looking to refinance and get a better deal
  • Non-confirming or low-doc loan applicants
  • Investors looking to purchase an investment property (including non-residents)
  • Self-managed Super Funds (SMSFs) seeking to purchase property

Why choose Finance House Group?

Genuine & professional

We abide by the same ethical standards as you. We operate with the same level of integrity that our partners expect for their clients, and always provide professional and efficient customer service.


We work for clients, not for lenders, and we put clients first every time. We understand how hard our partners work to build their client relationships, and we are committed to achieving the very best outcome for clients with flexible, market-leading products.

Experience & expertise

We’re entirely honest and transparent in all our dealings. We operate with the same level of integrity that our partners expect for their clients, and always provide professional and efficient customer service.

First Home Buyers

We are experienced in helping those who are looking at that first important and exciting step into owning their own home.

We will work hard to find the right loan at a great rate. We can also check the eligibility status for the First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG).

We answer every question, explain the whole process, and walk clients through it so they feel completely supported throughout. We arm first home buyers with the confidence to embark on this important and exciting journey towards owning their own home.


Owner Occupier

Whether they’re looking to refinance to ensure they have the best deal possible, or if they want to access the equity in their home for renovations or extensions, we can help property owners to achieve their goals.

Many Australians are paying more than they need to for their home loan. If property owners haven’t reviewed their loan in two years or more then they could be paying too much. We review clients’ mortgages, make sure they get the best rate possible and save them potentially thousands of dollars.

We can explore the potential to refinance and release capital to renovate or add to homes with many of the lenders we have access to. This often takes people closer to their “dream house” and adds value to the home.

Non-conforming / Low-doc Loans

For those who are self-employed or who may have found it challenging to get a property loan approved, we can help. Flexible lending is available for self-employed or small business owners who do not have the PAYG income to apply for a standard loan.

We understand that for many small business owners, cash flow challenges, life events and the stresses of running a business can have an impact on the ability to secure finance, and some lenders will not approve finance in certain situations.

We have relationships with many lenders who are willing to give finance in these situations. And we walk clients through the application and make sure they have all they need to make it happen.


Ready to talk?

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