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Growing a business in 2020 has been challenging, especially, if you’re FHG and attract many of our new clients from Lunches or Conferences! Both have pretty much been nonexistent.

The approach we’ve taken to this “2020 problem” has been to work on deepening relationships with existing Accounting Firms and helping them identify more ways they can help their clients through proactively identifying clients to help. So what does this actually mean? Well, as Accountants you have a huge amount of data at your fingertips but are often too busy to able able to extract the data. As a result, we’ve developed automated systems to be able to help you create lists of clients who could benefit from a review with your Finance Broking Division.

Our clever ‘Bots (with your permission) enter your Practice Management system and can then extract lists to show you your clients that own a home, how much equity they have within it (useful for refinancing and Financial Planner Conversations), Tax Return Clients who have Investment Properties and also clients who use their vehicles for work.

All of these reports can be utilised to help clients save money on existing loans they may have and to provide referrals for your Broking Division. In turn, the more clients you help, the more likely they are to refer you to more core business!

Whatever Practice Management system you run, FHG can help you generate your reports and help you set marketing campaigns to help clients.

If you wanted to set up a no-obligation conversation about some of these ideas or others you may have, please book an appointment slot via my calendar link here.